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Postpartum Recovery


Postpartum recovery packages include belly binding, placenta encapsulation, Ayurvedic oil preparations and nutritional consultations  and are completely customizable.

Belly Binding:

Belly binding is the process of wrapping the abdomen and core for healing of diastasis recti and assisting the body in regaining its strength while simultaneously supporting the healing of the internal organs.  This is an ancient tradition held by many cultures to support the woman in healing quicker.  I can come to your home postpartum to assist in wrapping you with a “corset-like” fabric every 2-3 days or as needed.

Placenta Encapsulation:

Placenta has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.  It isconsidered one of the most powerful qi tonics and nourishes the meridians of the lungs, liver and kidneys. Many women choose to have their placenta prepared in order to assist in their recovery postpartum.  The results vary from each individual, however, and we cannot guarantee specific results as with any herbal protocol.  However, some feedback received indicates that it has a tremendous impact on energy levels, feelings of strength and overall well-being, strengthened immune system, restored sex drive, increased milk supply, emotional balancing, halting hair loss, and restoring blood hemoglobin levels back to normal.  Also, it works amazingly well as an antibiotic for the baby.

Cost:contact to request

Please allow 4-5 days for processing. Placenta must be fresh, be in good health, and must not have any odor.  If for any reason it does not meet healthy standards, it will not be processed and will be returned to you. Due to the length of time and energy it takes to prepare each placenta, there are no refunds for this service.

Ayurvedic oil:

Warmed oils are infused with herbs and lovingly slathered on the new mother while she receives gentle soothing touch.  This is intended to soothe and nourish the body that has just undergone a virtual marathon of work- work that doesn’t end after the birth of the child.

The Nourished Mother:

We will deliver several postpartum soups, tonics and meals designed to nourish the mother on the deepest levels postpartum encouraging a profound opportunity for healing, a quicker path to recovery, and quality and quantity of breast milk.  When combined with belly binding and warm oil massage, new mothers find that they are enveloped into a world where their senses can move from flight or fight sensory reality, to one of being held and supported by their environment.  Birth processing is also part of this experience as well as guidance and direction for care of mama and newborn.  Individualized teas and salves are given depending on each womans’ unique postpartum needs.

Postpartum services:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • Belly binding
  • Warm oil treatment

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