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Aleksandra Evanguelidi offers exceptional individualized midwifery care from prenatal care, during delivery and until the 6 week period following birth.

Midwifery services

We care for our clients often from preconception (in order to assist the couple in preparing the way for the extensive demands of pregnancy) throughout the prenatal care and during the delivery, and until the 6 week period following birth. Women come into my care at any time during their pregnancy journey and must be low risk to be considered a candidate for out of hospital birth. Age is NOT a determining factor in risk assessment, in fact if you have to ask yourself the question, you are most likely low risk. Often women transfer into the care of a midwife after deciding that they want more for their prenatal and birth experience than the hospital model or standard obstetrics can provide.

The client/midwife relationship is one based on trust and mutual respect. Midwives educate and empower their clients to make choices about their own health care through the process of informed consent. Often in standard obstetrics, women are not given full information about tests or procedures, thus skewing the course of events dictating their prenatal and birth process. Midwives spend about an hour with each prenatal exam (vs the standard 7 min appointment generally spent with obstetricians) discussing a multitude of topics that affect the pregnant woman’s health and emotional state, thus deepening the woman/couple’s experience and encouraging a low risk pregnancy to remain just that; low risk.

Individualized midwifery care

Women get a more thorough model of care with midwives that enables them to not just survive the pregnancy, but thrive inside of the client/care provider relationship due to the individualization of the care given to each client. Studies show that midwives have the best statistics in perinatal outcomes due to the time and attention given to each client­ we have far fewer cases of preterm labor, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes because we are able to spot lifestyle patterns and early indicators that lead to high risk conditions and offer a preventative plan for our clients.

Prenatal care

Care with me follows the standard schedule for maternity care; we will get together every 4 weeks until you are 28 weeks along, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and the once a week thereafter.  We will delve into all kinds of subjects that impact your wellbeing, from your diet and hydration, to your stress levels and sleeping patterns.  Whatever impacts your life is impacting your health and our relationship will be a partnership based on my expertise and your commitment having a thriving prenatal experience.  I can refer out for diagnostic testing such as ultrasound, amniocentesis, chiropractic or cranial work through my referral base. All standard blood work and cultures are done in house and can be billed through insurance.

Doula care

Sometimes it becomes appropriate for a couple or individual to birth in the hospital.  As a midwife and trained doula I am often hired for laboring at home and then transport to hospital for delivery in a hospital setting.  I have attended over 900 births at home or in hospital settings.

Birth Consulting

Available for meetings with pregnant individuals seeking out the best care possible, whether with an OB in hospital or looking for the best doula, I have references and resources for the best care Los Angeles has to offer.

Blessing ways

I am often called to create ceremonial space to honor the profound transitions in an individuals or couples life.  I consider it an honor to share the gifts I have obtained while training in traditions and lineages.

Concierge Maternity Care

One of the overwhelming benefits of Midwifery Care is that midwives spend an average of one hour per visit with each client.  The average time spent in an OB office visit is 7 minutes, with an hour wait time. While both spend time doing vitals and assessing growth and well-being, midwives are able to investigate into the budding family dynamics, learn what the unique needs are for each client and to truly individualize care.  Individualized care means that each client’s needs and desires are taken into account and that true informed consent is provided. For some clients, having visits in their home on their own schedule allows for a more concierge care experience. While concierge maternity care may seem luxurious to some, this type of health care is the original way that midwives practiced around the world.  Please let us know if you are interested in having your visits in home.

Midwifery translates roughly, “to be with woman.” As licensed by the Medical Board of California (the same licensing body that governs doctors) we are highly skilled, medical care providers who specialize in the preventative holistic care of pregnant women and newborns. We gain our skills by learning from master midwives and obstetricians and by attending a school that is accredited by the Medical Board of California, with our training culminating in a licensing exam. Our training is extensive and most midwives study for between three to six years with several preceptors while building their skill sets.

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