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Exercise after pregnancy

Exercise after pregnancy. Oh how badly we all want to look sexy after giving birth, but no matter how hard we try, feeeeling sexy is way harder to come by.  And there is a really good biological reason as to why it the mojo ain’t happening. For starters, we don’t have testosterone juicing up our engines postpartum.  The hormones that rule in the postpartum period are pumping so that we can bond, chillax, and make milk to feed our babe.  Testosterone is relevant to get the sex drive happening so that baby making is initiated.  The body knows that there is no need to make a baby when we are trying to feed one! Also, adrenal fatigue is a real situation.  I can assure you very few people with adrenal fatigue in the gym are doing much but scrolling on their phones (if they even are getting off the couch to get to the gym.) And there is something that is even more relevant; the exercise we used to do before having a baby was predicated on the body we had BEFORE we were pregnant and gave birth.

The operating system we have post baby requires a sincere and gradual approach to exercise after pregnancy before we try and do power yoga or dead lifts or whatever. Most women experience a degree of diastasis recti, a condition where the abdominal wall separates to make room for the babe to grow.  Also, if you had a baby, maybe you noticed that your butt went a little flat afterwards? Um yeah.  Third, perhaps you might have noticed a strange wet sensation upon attempting to jump rope, bounce on a trampoline, or perhaps, you just coughed or laughed and some pee escaped? If you answered yes to exercise after pregnancy, chances are likely you need to go back to some basic stabilizing exercises and rebuild a foundation that will enable you to start throwing kettle bells around and doing yoga again without injury. Otherwise, rushing into Exercise after pregnancy will accentuate underlying pelvic weaknesses and do long term structural damage that can be really hard to come back from.

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