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Beginning of Spring: Courage to Be With Change

Being With Change . . .


At the end of each season, before the next one begins, I like to take a moment to consider how each passing phase impacts my life, and utilize the fresh energy to move my life forward in some way.

Now, we sit upon the doorstep of spring. There is no seat upon the wheel that buzzes with potential like this time. My friend has a garden with a pond and fountain, last night happened to be one of two nights in the year when the toads mate. Throughout the night, the mating calls were a symphonic orchestra, while the pond had loads of spaghetti strands of eggs strewn about. The air is heavy with the smell of change, this scent must have a special pheromone that connects all living beings, calling us out of the slumber of winter and get to whatever it is that calls us into being.

It seems that with urgency, all around us, a wake up call is being heard. It is no longer enough to be driven by money. We have seen that as a society, we will exhaust all resources, whether they be environmental or more our own personal vitality, should we be tempted solely by consumption and consumerism. More and more green investment ventures, philanthropic opportunities and businesses are popping up, offering enticing opportunities to do something other than just make “more” money. Our survival as a species requires that sustainability reaches a level where thriving becomes a norm, possible for not just the individual, but for the collective. In order for this to come to full flower, we all must do our part. And that takes courage, both to surrender the aspects of ourselves that hold on to old ways of limited thinking, and also to trust in our innate connection to source.

In this moment, I am feeling a sense of awe and gratitude. It takes a special kind of courage to step outside the “norm” of our society and choose to give birth in your home or in a birth center. It requires a tremendous strength to believe in your body’s ability to handle extraordinary pain (lets face it) and still say yes. When I meet individuals who are seeking for the highest possible truth, knowing that they will soon experience the deepest reaches of the human experience, I am so honored to walk with them along this journey. It is because of you that we are able to do the work that so inspires us. For I know, after you walk this path to motherhood or fatherhood, even if you’ve walked it before and now its broken in a bit, you will pass on your gift of empowerment as a possibility for so many others when you share your experience. Your children will know the distance that you went to maintain for them the sanctity of their birthright. In a society where so much emphasis is placed on things that shine, fade, or lose their fad potential, the tremendous power found in the journey to birth will forever be etched in your life for generations. Thank you for believing in yourself, your body, and realizing the importance of your choice.

This spring, I visualize the possibility that the new and expanding families of this world will seek to educate and empower themselves about their options to give birth. Please share your story so that more individuals can be touched by the courage of your choice. Much love, and happy Vernal Equinox!

~ Aleks

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