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Preparing for Homebirth

By Aleksandra Evanguelidi / November 3, 2015 /
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“I’m worried that I’m not worried.” A client said this to me the other day and I stopped in my tracks.  How is it that we have gotten so used to feeling fear that it is the pervading decision making fulcrum, the compass for every choice in life.  Hidden behind everybody selling us something, there…

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Are You Homebirth Material?

By Aleksandra Evanguelidi / August 23, 2015 /
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Look, I’m a magnet to bellies. When I see the pregnant woman on the street, I must confess, I get super excited because I know a little part of the future of our world is being carried around inside. Sometimes I get brave enough to say hello and inquire as to where the mom-to-be is…

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Beginning of Spring: Courage to Be With Change

By Aleksandra Evanguelidi / March 5, 2015 /
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Being With Change . . .   At the end of each season, before the next one begins, I like to take a moment to consider how each passing phase impacts my life, and utilize the fresh energy to move my life forward in some way. Now, we sit upon the doorstep of spring. There is no seat…

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